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Breathing Room

Balance Integrative Medicine is hosting Breathing Room, a collaborative healing environment where practitioners from a variety of backgrounds, such as counseling, yoga instructors, personal trainers, acupuncture and nutrition, can rent space on an as-needed basis, with a commitment of as little as a half-day per week.

In the chaotic everyday pace, Breathing Room is the space between your pace and your limit.  It’s being able to have an unhurried conversation.  It’s being surrounded by like-minded professionals.  It’s recognizing your passion, and bringing healing to others.  It’s an intentionally slower, smaller, reprioritized life.  Sounds like something you need?

The goal of Breathing Room is to have a healing environment where practitioners can see patients and patients can be welcomed into a space where they can see multiple providers.

Balance Integrative Medicine will provide the space and advertising for the practitioners and their business.  Practitioners will retain their independent businesses but see clients in a shared space; and they will have the opportunity to upgrade their rental agreement with Balance Integrative Medicine to include phone service, scheduling and billing options.

We are now accepting practitioners for Breathing Room.  Call now to discuss pricing and to look at the space available.

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